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Project Cases

SuperLED Lighting Airport Cases

SuperLED Lighting products are largly applied in Abdul-Aziz King International Airport, King Fahd International Airport, Duty Free Shops, Manuel Supermarkets and Dubai International Airport parking lots, the projects concerns the Lighting construction and Renovation with LED(light source) for the airports regions including every Terminals, Duty free shops and passageways.

Riyadh & Jeddah Airports, Saudi Aribia

Since 2012, SuperLED undertook the Lighting supply and solutions for the airport Site, Parking lot and Terminal construction of Riyadh airport, Jeddah airport in Saudi Arabia, it 's a local highlight

Dubai Airport

Terminal Parking lots

2017, SuperLED assisted Dubai airport to update its all traditional fluorescent and halogen lighting fixtures with new LED light source for their Terminal parking lots, much brighter and energy saving

IKEA Malls

Beijing IKEA Store

SuperLED lights successfully put on the shelves of stores and supermarkets, let more families know, fall in love with LED lamps, feel the charm of energy saving and environmental protection


Shopping Mall

Taibah shop madinah

Over the years, SuperLED provided professional lighting solutions for lots of supermarkets, shopping malls, effectively improved their site brightness and customer brand value

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