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Interior lighting is an important part of indoor environment design, interior lighting design is conducive to people's activities and comfort of life. In people's life, the light is not only the condition of interior lighting, but also the basic element to express the spatial form and create the environment atmosphere. 

Belize Gunnar said: "there is no space without light." The function of illumination is very important for human visual function. Indoor natural light or lighting design in the function to meet the needs of people of a variety of activities, but also pay attention to the lighting effect of space. 

Create an efficient, well-lit place to work to live and enjoy lives.

House Interior

House Interior includes four parts, ceiling, bedroom, washing room and Corridor.

Supermarket Interior

Supermarket Interior includes Shelves district, Freezer District, Promotion area,Clothes region and Warehouse.


Warehouse include 6types: Raw materials, Finished products, Cold storage, Constant temperature, Dangerous goods, Water warehouse

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