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We produce Lighting products, also help companies all over the world to purchase the products they need for export from the Chinese market. No matter what you need, we will help you find the most valuable products. Or Chinese enterprises export brand products to the global market, all procedures will be in place in one step, such as cargo (container) pick-up, customs declaration, shipping, air transport, international express, etc., and transport the goods (containers) to the customer's target terminal.

Trade consulting service: by means of knowledge and technology, it can help customers solve complicated trade problems in various countries around the world, and provide intelligent services for customers.

Market Research and analysis service: the way of market research is questionnaire survey, game, network and so on. It can be qualitative research (determining direction) or quantitative research (determining quantitative scale). From their purposes and needs, we can analyze how large the market is, and how about the demand, preference, acceptability and penetration of consumers? What is the position of your products and services in the market

Activities and exhibitions: Trade Management Exhibition Trade (Trade Fair) is a way of trade in which exporters gather similar or various commodities for exhibition and sale in selected places. We provide booth booking, translation, organization, escort and procurement services.

Trademark registration agency: there are two ways for the applicant to apply for trademark registration abroad. One is to register the trademark item by item, that is to apply to the trademark authorities of various countries for registration; the other is to register the trademark in Madrid internationally. We will provide you with the most suitable trademark registration consulting and agency services for your products.

Logistics consolidation: our freight department cooperates with most of the shipping companies, freight forwarders and transportation companies around the world to provide you with a full range of services such as sea transportation, express delivery, air transportation, door-to-door, customs clearance, etc

Global government trade policy and consultation: provide paid services for different global government trade policies and advice.

Goods inspection service pre shipment inspection of goods can greatly reduce trade risks, such as quality problems, shortage, false shipment, etc. the inspection process will be videotaped and provided to customers to avoid false inspection caused by inspectors' bribery.

House Interior

House Interior includes four parts, ceiling, bedroom, washing room and Corridor.

Supermarket Interior

Supermarket Interior includes Shelves district, Freezer District, Promotion area,Clothes region and Warehouse.


Warehouse include 6types: Raw materials, Finished products, Cold storage, Constant temperature, Dangerous goods, Water warehouse

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