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Meet the outdoor visual work needs and obtain the decorative effect. 

Outdoor lighting fixtures are lamps used outside buildings, for example, parks, squares, streets, and outdoor advertising lights.

Outdoor lighting lamp mainly include: lawn lamp, courtyard lamp, tunnel lamp, flood lamp, underwater lamp, street lamp, wash wall lamp, landscape lamp, underground lamp etc..

Lamps and lanterns Description: lamp frame is made of high quality steel, and it is treated by hot dip galvanizing, and the sealing plate is made of aluminum plate. Fastening bolts and nuts for stainless steel.

Special note: the installation must ensure that the lamp body is safe.

Industrial transportation field

Lightings for Industrial transportation field like Road, Highway street, railway tunnel, Courtyard

Light Box Advertising

Light box advertising, also known as the "light box posters" or "night light publicity painting". Widely used in banks, supermarkets, fast food stores, gas stations, etc., has become a new form of shop window decoration.

Parking Lot

To install the lighting equipment in parking lot, not only to ensure the illumination, but also to ensure the safety of property and personal needs.

  1. Ordinary ground parking lot lighting.

  2. Roadside parking lot of lighting.

  3. Safety lighting.

  4. Underground parking lighting.

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