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Honglang imports kinds of material components, such as LED chip, resistor, capacitor, electrical, mechanical equipment etc goods from Europe, US, Korea, Japan etc markets to seek momentum, committed to create online and offline integration of o2o Omni channel marketing model. Relying on the import and export experience of Honglang import and export trade Co., Ltd. for more than 20 years, all goods are from reliable sources. Bring high quality life and different experience to Chinese buyers. Our import countries are USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, EU, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Industrial transportation field

Lightings for Industrial transportation field like Road, Highway street, railway tunnel, Courtyard

Light Box Advertising

Light box advertising, also known as the "light box posters" or "night light publicity painting". Widely used in banks, supermarkets, fast food stores, gas stations, etc., has become a new form of shop window decoration.

Parking Lot

To install the lighting equipment in parking lot, not only to ensure the illumination, but also to ensure the safety of property and personal needs.

  1. Ordinary ground parking lot lighting.

  2. Roadside parking lot of lighting.

  3. Safety lighting.

  4. Underground parking lighting.

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