LED Rigid Strip Lights

LED Rigid Strip Light Kit

The Rigid light strip is designed based on the soft light strip. In order to better solve the heat dissipation problem, the patch LED is welded on the aluminum channels(LED Profile), so that the LED can get good heat dissipation treatment under long-time working conditions; Aluminum channels can be added according to the actual installation and heat dissipation requirements. First, in order to facilitate installation, increase the heat dissipation area; Aluminum channels are generally installed on the required occasions through screw holes or snaps. For example, when installed in high humidity and high dust environment, the surface can also be filled with glue and dustproof, and waterproof treatment.

LED Light Bars with the Aluminum Channels

All styles and sizes of Aluminum Channels & Profiles can be customized. In addition to the styles shown below, there are more models NOT shown. Please consult our sales team for details.

IP65 Freezer use 110V/220V Driver-free LED Light Bars

Jewelry counter Light Bars with reflectors, DC12V/24V

V-Shape Lights with Transparent & Milky white Cover

RGB Smart LED Strips with Transparent Rubber housing

220V Goods Shelves Lights with Magnetic attraction

U Shape surface mounted LED light bars, IP20/IP65 available

Advertising Box use, DC24V Edge-lit SMD3030 Light Bars

12V/24V Battery-supporting Emergency LED light strips

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LED Strip Light Sources with White, Single Color, RGB Color Changing in Options

LED Rigid Strip Lights with SMD models like SMD3528, 2835, 5050, 5630, 4014 etc are available in the production. Under the same brightness demand, SuperLED high light efficiency products can save about 40% of power consumption and save more energy.

12V/24V-SMD4014 LED Strips

12V/24V-SMD2835 LED Strips

12V/24V-SMD5630 LED Strips

110V/220V-SMD2835 LED Strips

What's the basic specification of LED Rigid Strip Lights ?

Waterproof issues: Non-waterproof & IP65 Waterproof LED Rigid Strip Lights with Silicone/PU Glues are available. Some LED rigid strips can be produced either IP20 non-waterproof or IP65 waterproof, some only IP20 non-waterproof, which mainly determined by its aluminum channels(LED Profiles).

Strip Light Specification

Lighting Structure

CCT & Lighting Color

What types of Power Supply to be used for LED Rigid Strip Lights ?

There are two kinds of voltage designed for Rigid LED light strips, one is general voltage like AC220V or AC110V, it does NOT need a power supply. The other is driving voltage, it requires a DC12V or DC24V power supply, which has high safety and reliability to human body.

Non-waterproof 12/24V LED Drivers

Waterproof 12/24V LED Drivers

Wire Connection between LED Strips & Drivers

What are LED Rigid Light Bars?

LED rigid bar lights from SuperLED Lighting are fairly simple. The light bars are made up of a line of surface mounted diodes (SMDs), which produce the brightest light offered by current LED technology. The SMDs, or chips, are attached directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB) to maximize durability and longevity. This PCB is then installed within an aluminum casing. LED Rigid Bar Lights feature either SMD 3528 (standard), SMD 5050 (high-intensity) or SMD 5630 (ultra-intensity) chips.

SMDs are known for their reliability and light intensity. They are energy-efficient and low-maintenance, making them a great choice for hard-to-access areas. Install an LED rigid light bar in a closet, under a counter or anywhere else that you need plentiful light without the bulk of a larger fixture. Our light bars are safe for use indoors or out and with three light intensities to choose from, it’s easy to find the right 120-volt LED light bar for your needs.

SMD 3528, SMD 5050, and SMD5630 - What’s the difference?

SMD 3528, SMD 5050 and SMD 5630 refers to the brightness of the chip used in the light bar. Standard brightness SMD 3528 LEDs are capable of producing brilliant accents in your home or business, but when extreme brightness is needed, SMD 5050 LEDs offer a brighter solution. The brightest option is the SMD 5630 LED chip. When ordering your strip lights, take the brightness into consideration to make sure you choose the right chip for your needs.

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