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Commercial Exteriors

Commercial Interiors

Our commercial lamps break the design methods and ideas of traditional light sources, adopting LED as the new light source to design and produce lamps from the perspective of scene and mood:

Situational lighting: lamps are designed according to the needs of the environment. Scene lighting takes the place as the starting point and aims to create a beautiful and gorgeous lighting environment to set off the scene effect and make people feel the scene atmosphere.

Emotional lighting: Design lamps according to people's needs. Emotional lighting takes human emotion as the starting point and creates an artistic conception like lighting environment from the perspective of human.

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T8/T5 Tube Lighting

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Park lot Triple-Proof Lights

Discover and Download the Catalogues & Data-sheets of Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures as PDF file here, choose the paperless version for tablets, smartphones and PC in order to save paper and protect the environment. 

LED Panel Light

LED High Bay Light

LED Linear Light

LED Downlight

LED Strip Light

LED Tube Light

LED Track Light

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