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SuperLED is a pragmatic and hard-working team. At the same time, they are also full of vitality and personality, willing to pay down-to-earth efforts for lofty ideals If you are full of confidence in your creativity and learning ability, and believe in the truth that “attitude determines everything”, you are willing to work hard to achieve personal professionalization in the professional field, which will be a high-quality track for your career acceleration and a good platform for your dream to take off. For the bright future of you and Honglang, let’s join hands!

For those who are interested in joining, please send your resume, diploma and contact information in Chinese and English to the following address: Our physical address+Human Resources Department (postcode: 518109) or email to Please email the title of the applied position as the subject, for example: Sales of customer department (Beijing), and attach your resume directly to the body of email.

Recruitment position

Oversea Sales

Business personnel requirements:

1 age 25-40 years old, male and female.

2 college degree or above, English level in the CET-6 class above (including) English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, good writing skills

3 character, cheerful and lively, initiative, strong sense of teamwork, learning ability, good at thinking, do things carefully.

4. indoor and outdoor LED lighting for more than 3 years, familiar with the LED lighting market.

5.Citizenship Requirements: Wordwide

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