Triple-Proof LED Lights

What is a LED Triple-Proof Light? 

LED Triple proof light refers to the lighting fixture with  function of Water-proof, Moisture-proof, and Impact-Resistant, as well as Dustproof. The special high strength anti-oxidation materials and silicone sealing rings are used to realize the protection of lamps. 

Due to their high resilience and damage-proof designs, these fixtures can be used in humid and dusty spaces like including Parking lots, Cold storage and freezer, Food processing factories, High-pressure carwashes, Grocery stores, Poultry lighting, Extremely humid warehouses, Slaughterhouses, Swimming pool areas and more...

LED Trip-proof Light

LED Purification Lamp

PC Tri-proof housing+T8 Tube

PC-LED-Triple-Proof Light

Features And Functionality of LED Triple Proof Lights

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Do these triple-proof lighting fixtures meet your needs and requirements? If higher protection capacity are required, the Explosion Proof LED lamps will be help.

What is an Explosion Proof LED Lamp ?

LED Explosion Proof Lamp refers to the lights used in dangerous places where combustible gas and dust exist, which can prevent the possible arc, spark and high temperature inside the lamp from igniting the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the explosion-proof requirements.

These heavy-duty explosion proof LED lights are designed for hazardous locations in which vapors and gases are present. They're Class 1 Div 2 rated for granaries, mills, mines, gas stations, airplane hangars, and environments where petrochemical vapors exist. The waterproof explosion-proof LED lights are durably constructed with fully-sealed, vibration-resistant housings to prevent the release of sparks. Not only will these lights increase safety, they will do so while lowering energy costs and increasing light output. 

Flameproof explosion-proof lamp- 50/70/80/120W

Marine & Chemical factory lighting- 30/50W

Explosion-proof LED Floodlight-30/50W

Wall-mounted LED Explosion-proof Lights-5W/10W

Emergency Anti-corrosion Floodlight-100/200/300W

Explosion proof LED Street Lamp-100/150/200W

Fire protection-Emergency Tunnel lamp-20/30/50W

Maintenance free explosion-proof LED lamp-100W

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