LED High Bay Lights

Lighting up a large indoor space has never been easier and more efficient than with our line of LED high bay lights. They're perfect for indoor spaces with high ceilings (15-50ft), like warehouses, factories, supermarkets, gyms, retail stores, and many others. These high-bay lights are available in linear, UFO, and U-bracket flood light styles with options including prismatic reflectors and suspension kits. Our entire line of LED high bay lights provide excellent efficacy and output to illuminate your space while lasting 3 times longer than HID fixtures. 

Choose by Types

Check out these types of High Bay Lights below, all of our LED high bay lights are equiped with top-brand Philips/Nichia LEDs chip, UL listed Meanwell/Moso power supplies, Light efficiency of UFO lights ups to 150lm/W, and backed by either a 2-3-5-years warranty.

UFO LED High Bay Lights

Treasure Bowl series

Die cast Alu. + Lens mask

With Motion Sensor

Economic series

25° 45° 60° 90° 120°  Angle

COB series

Aluminum housing+E27 Bulbs

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High Bay Lighting Fixtures and Low Bay Fixtures

Linear LED high bay and low bay fixtures are available in a variety of light distributions including medium beam fixtures and wide light distribution designs. Narrow and medium distribution LED linear high bay fixtures have a Type 1 or Type 5 light distribution. These distribution types are ideal for aisles or higher ceilings. Placing linear high bay fixtures parallel to aisles is approximately 50 percent more efficient than a perpendicular alignment and helps decrease eye strain. This layout is also easier to control with motion sensors. Wide distribution linear LED high bay fixtures give off a broader light distribution and are better suited for open layouts to provide a uniform light for commercial buildings and areas. LED linear high bay fixtures with a medium light distribution are somewhere in between. The light distribution is round rather than linear, but the beam is more concentrated, casting very little of the light outside of a 0-270 degree zone.

Round High Bays and Low Bays

Round LED high bay light engines designed for junction/pendant mount offer up to 100,000 life hours with 18,000-24,000 initial lumens. Dimmable high bay fixtures are not affected by frequent on-off cycles and won't lose lifespan when used with motion sensors. Common applications include retail stores, warehouses, gyms, industrial areas, and commercial buildings. 80 CRI is superior color rendering compared to traditional lighting. Shop for natural white 4000K and sunlight equivalent 5000K color temperatures.

Mounting Height for LED Linear High Bays and Low Bays

The mounting height is how high the light source is from the floor, meaning the distance from floor to fixture instead of floor to ceiling. Some LED linear high bay light fixtures are designed for chain mounting and require a minimum suspension distance from the ceiling while linear high bays can be surface mounted. It's possible for surface mounted LED linear high bay light fixtures to require a minimum distance of recessed space between ceiling and fixture for ventilation.

LED Replacement High and Low Bays

When selecting a linear LED high bay, make sure to compare the Lumen output of your current fixture to the linear high bay you are considering. This is a better indication for which linear LED high bay fixture is right for you instead of just the wattage equivalent. Also, be sure to check the color temperature before making a decision. A lower number Kelvin means the light is warmer, closer to incandescents, which is not be the best choice for a commercial space. A higher number Kelvin means the light is cooler, closer to blue. Color temperatures of 4000 Kelvin and higher are better suited for commercial applications because this type of light helps increase productivity and decrease eyestrain. Some LED linear high bay lights can be dimmed to 10% when paired with a compatible 0-10 Volt dimmer. Check the product description and specifications, or give us a call for help picking the right high bay fixtures for your application.

Motion Sensor LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay light installed a high bay microwave sensor to form a high bay LED lights with motion sensor. High bay microwave sensor can sense 360°. So LED high bay with motion sensor can sense people approaching although spaced shelves. The motion sensor high bay lights we produce is a more smart energy saving solution. Our motion sensor high bay lights sensor distance is up to 12 meters and high bay motion sensor lasting time is 60-120 seconds.

LED high bay light with motion sensor is a very good choice for the places that do not need to be lit for a whole day. We provide 130lm/W or 150lm/W motion sensor high bay lights, its lumen is higher 20% than on the market. This is a waterproof LED high bay light with motion sensor which is manufactured by SuperLED.

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