LED Wall-Washers

DMX512 LED Wall Washer

Led wall washers, which makes the light to wash the wall like water, mainly used for architectural decoration and lighting, as well as to outline the outline of large buildings, to achieve different color display like Full color, RGB color changing, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors. (Rated Voltage: DC12V /DC24V/AC100V-AC240V)


18/24/36W LED Wall Washer


6*1Wv/6*2W Corner Lamp


6/12/18/24/36W-RGB light




18/48/60/72W Wall Washer


6-72W Side mounted light


90/96/120/144 LEDs/IP65


18/24/36W LED Wall Washer 


24/36W RGBW Wall Washer


36/48/72/54/90/108W Light

HL101-Special light for Bridge



18/24/36/48/60/72W Light

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Control specification for LED Wall Washer

Power Supply

Environmental specifications

Installation of LED Wall Washer

Notice while installation

Fault diagnosis while the LED Wall washers not work

If it is not due to improper operation, please confirm whether it is caused by the following reasons. If the problem cannot be solved by taking the indicated method, please stop using and contact the qualified electrician or directly contact the manufacturer's personnel;

A: Does the lamp not work when the power is turned on?

Disconnect the power supply, please check whether the power line of the lamp is well connected with the power supply (or mains) and whether the power supply is good;

B: The wiring is good, and the lamp still does not work?

Ask a qualified electrician to check whether the power supply voltage of the lamp is lower than the rated voltage of the lamp itself.

Maintenance precautions

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