LED Track Lights

Our line of Track Lights, with a complete suite of compatible accessories, make it easy to tailor light design and distribution in any space. Light heads can be placed along the track and precisely angled for specific illumination. Tracks can be installed in any configuration, with the use of straight, L, and T connectors. Replaceable optics offer varied beam spread. Choose a wide angle lens for generous wall wash or task light, ideal for residential use. Or select a more focused angle for decorative accent, museums galleries, and showrooms. Sleek, minimal design compliments a wide range of interior applications. 

AC110V 220V Magnetic track lighting system

Led Track Lighting

Led Track Lighting Fixtures

DC24V DC48V Magnetic track lighting system

Astigmatic beams LED Track Light head

COB  Track Light with 15-60° focus facility

E27 Track Light head for 3-150W LED light bulbs

Surface mounted-Long pole Track light-Angle adjustment

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Introduction to LED Track Lighting

Track lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be used in residential and commercial applications as a source of accent lighting to illuminate shelves and artwork, task lighting over kitchen islands, or even ambient lighting in long, narrow rooms like hallways. There are three types of tracks: H, J, and L. If you already have track lights that you are trying to extend, it is very important to match the type of track because H, J, and L tracks are not compatible with each other. These different types of track all come in single or two (dual) circuit options and have similar lamp heads and accessories. When choosing the type of track lighting is right for you, first decide if you need a single or dual circuit track. Single circuit tracks mean all the track heads turn on and off together; with dual circuit tracks, you can have two groups of track heads synced to turn on and off independently of one another.

LED Track Lighting Types

We primarily carry H-type compatible products, but we also offer some L-type and J-type compatible track heads. Available in low or line voltage options, you're sure to find the track lighting to meet your needs. If you prefer quick and convenient installation, take advantage of our track packs, which include all of the accessories and parts you need to install your track-lighting system or one of our fixed track all-in-one fixtures. We also carry a wide variety of track heads including well-known styles like the step cylinder or barn door heads and more unique styles like the wireback and clasp-fingered track heads. Most of our track light fixtures are designed for use with either single or dual circuit tracks with the positive contact able to flip up or down depending on which circuit you want it use it with. Our track heads come in either line or low voltage and several finish options.

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