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Welcome to the official website of SuperLED Electronic Co., Ltd. Before you register and use, please read the following terms carefully:

1、 Registration terms

1. The ownership of this system belongs to SuperLED Electronic Co., Ltd. before you register for use, you must carefully read and agree with all the documents provided in the legal statement, and you must fully agree with all the service terms before you can register online.

2. You personally guarantee that the personal information submitted at the time of registration is true and correct, and you will be responsible for your inability to participate in the activities organized by our company and other direct or indirect consequences caused by untrue or incorrect personal information and content.

3. After you have registered successfully, you will use the user name and password automatically generated by the system as the basis for logging in to the system. You will keep your user name and password properly and promise not to disclose it to anyone else. Otherwise, you will be responsible for all the consequences.

2、 Intellectual property protection clause

1. All content contained in this website, such as text, graphics, logo, creativity and software, is owned by SuperLED Electronic Co., Ltd. and is protected by China and international copyright law. Without the company's permission, copying or combining all contents on this website is deemed as infringement of the company's rights and interests. All information on this website can only be reproduced with the permission of the website, and the source should be indicated.

2. The website has the right to use all the information you publish through the website free of charge, and reserves the right to manage, modify and delete the information you publish;

3. When you register as a member of this website, you agree to provide us with the right to use and publish the photos and videos uploaded to this website free of charge, and agree to use the photos for various commercial and non-commercial publicity and use of Honglang's products and related companies.

3、 User prohibitions

1. The prohibited information contains false or improper information. If we find that you have violated the relevant use regulations, we will reserve the right to suspend or terminate your service. 2. All information you publish on this website shall not violate the laws, regulations, management measures and other relevant laws and regulations of the national and local governments on Internet network information security, and you shall bear all the consequences and legal liabilities arising therefrom.

4、 Exemption clause

1. This website does not guarantee that the free services provided by the website will not be modified, interrupted, terminated or delayed, nor can it guarantee the absolute integrity and security of the user's information. For the modification, interruption, termination, delay of the free service and the loss of the user's information, this website does not assume any responsibility

2. This website only guarantees the authenticity, legality and accuracy of the information released by itself, and does not guarantee the authenticity, legality and accuracy of the information content released by other users. The information content must be confirmed by the visitors themselves and bear the risk of using the information.

3. This website will not disclose or disclose its registration information and non-public content stored in the user platform to a third party without the authorization of legitimate users, except for the following situations:

(1) users' improper confidentiality of their own information leads to the disclosure of users' non-public information;

(2) information leakage caused by network lines, hacker attacks, computer viruses, government control, etc.

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