T8/T5 LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights in T8 / T5 / T10 / T12 series are commonly used for office lighting and can replace fluorescent lights in both parabolic and indirect light fixtures. They work best in climate controlled areas with standard ceiling heights, including storage areas, fabrication floors, and mechanic garages. LED tubes are an energy efficient replacement for fluorescent tubes. They also boast better color rendering, require less maintenance, and burn out less frequently with up to 100,000 lifetime hours. 

T8/T5 LED Fluorescent Tube Light Replacement

At SuperLED Lighting, we produce & supply high quality LED tube lights at the lowest cost, is the main lighting supplier of Jeddah and Riyadh Airports, Our wide selection includes ballast bypass tubes (UL Type A, plug and play), ballast compatible tubes (UL Type B), and externally driven tubes (LED Type C) to fit any fixture you might need. 

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Check out these different types of led tube lights below, all of our Tube Lights come in Sizes(1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft), Casing types (Full PC casing, Glass casing, PC+Aluminum), Light diffuser types(Transparent cover, Transparent stripe cover, Diffusion stripe cover, Milky white diffusion cover), Integrated & Split tube types, and backed by either a 2-3-5-years warranty.

T8 - with Naso Plastic tube

T8 - with full Glass tube

T8 - Plastic+Aluminum tube 

T8 - with Integrated tube

Human body PIR Motion Sensor - T8 tube light

Microwave Motion Sensor - T8 tube light

Sound-activated - T8 LED tube light

U-Bent type - T8 LED Tube Light

T5 Split type - LED Tube light

T5 Integrated type - Tube light

Tube Lights -  Cap / Base

Tube Light Diffuser

When it comes to wholesale purchases of customized LED Tube Lights, you can count on SuperLED to deliver. We offer you a large various of any LED light color, brightness, or length, tailored to meet your needs and those of the intended space/purpose. 

A. Optional LED Tube Dimension of our T8/T5/T12 LED Tube Lights

LED fluorescent light replacement' specifications and tube models include: T4, T5, T8, T9, T10, etc., indicating the thickness of the tube. The value after T represents the circumference of the lamp tube.

T8 Tube Lights

T8s are the most common linear tube type bulb with a 1inch diameter and G13 medium bi-pin base found in common fluorescent troffer and strip fixtures.

T5 Tube Lights

T5s are a smaller 5/8 inch diameter, with a G5 bi-pin base. Often, these have higher output and sometimes designated as T5HO in high bay fixtures found in high ceiling applications.

T12 Tube Lights

T12 is a 12/8 inch (or 1.5inch) diameter linear tube tybe bulb and often with the same G13 medium bi-pin base typically found in T8s, making them interchangeable in LED models.

B. Ballast Compatibility Optional while replace the old fluorescent tubes with a LED Tube Lights

Type-A Dual-end

Electric Ballast Compatible Dual-End Type A installation is “Plug and Play” and simply replaces the original fluorescent tube with an LED equivalent, requiring the use of the original ballast. This is the easiest solution to relamping your fixture if you have already determined your ballast is functioning properly. 

Type-B Single-end

Ballast Bypass (Single-End Wiring) Single-End Type B installation requires bypassing the original ballast and rewiring sockets (tombstones) in the fixture. This is a popular solution when relamping, due to the likelihood of an eventual ballast failure. 

Type-B Dual-end

Ballast Bypass (Dual-End Wiring) Dual-End Type B installation simply involves bypassing the existing ballast and installing the tube with polarity matching the wiring. This is the most common retrofit solution when bypassing the ballast. 

Type A/B Hybrid

Ballast Compatible and Ballast Bypass (Single-End Wiring) This can be installed in the same manner as a Dual-End Type A (“Plug and Play” tube simply replaces the original fluorescent tube) or a Single-End Type B (requires bypassing the original ballast and rewiring sockets). 

Type A/B 3-in-1 Universal

Ballast Compatible and Ballast Bypass (Single and Dual End Wiring) This is the most universal tube lamp solution. “Plug and Play” install if using the existing ballast, or bypass the ballast and install in the same manner as Single-End or Dual-End Type B. 

C. Regarding the Connection Types of LED Tube Lights

Single End Wiring

Dual End Wiring

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